Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Soccer Shirt

The greatest thing about shopping at Good will is you never know what you will find for 50 cents. Last week I found this Brazilian soccer shirt. I love it. Here is Luca with fia (named after Luca's soon to be cousin) and with his train book.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Walking something we can't wait for Luca to be able to do. There is a phrase we hear a lot around here, "I want walking...I want walking...I want walking." I am sure you can guess who says it. Luca still needs a lot of help walking. Our backs hurt, we are tired and wondering how much longer until Luca can walk on his own? How much longer can we wait? We are gripping Luca's hands or arms as firm as we can, he is leaning back on us, unstable, and unbalanced, wobbly, yet the most motivated Walker you will ever find. As bad as I want him to walk, he wants it even more. He is willing to do whatever it takes to learn. And just when I think, oh, maybe Luca will want a break he shouts, "I want running." This kid is something else and I can't wait for the day when I get to see him walk and run all by himself!

We are also thankful for the extra set of hands that are helping us during this time, a huge thanks to my dad, our friends and family, and PT.


Running has been big a part of my life for last 15 years. It has been my outlet, and my reset button. So, I am thankful 1/2 Marathon Training has begun! I managed to run 4 times this week. Mari Becker and I have a 1/2 marathon date set, May 15, Olympia Wa, Capital City 1/2 marathon. I am out of shape but it feels good to be training again.

I officially began training this last Friday by doing a run at Lincoln Park. I was about 1/2 way through my run feeling pumped up about training for the 1/2 so I decided to sprint up a very steep hill. I had my ipod on and felt invincible. I proceeded to attack the hill only to make it up the first flight of stairs. I stopped, wheezed a lot and started laughing, "Who do I think I am?". I also reminded myself that I have run only twice a month for the last 2 years and am in no condition to sprint up a huge hill. I regained my breath and managed to walk up the rest of the hill. Laughing most of the way.

This week, I feel I have regained the drug I have missed these last two years. I also have a new motto, "I run because I can". I know it sounds corny but because all I have learned from Luca and others, I am deeply thankful for my body, muscles, joints, health. Two years ago I took so much for granted. I also realize it might not be something I can always do. So today I am going to run, because I can!

New work hours

Better Work hours are coming soon for John! He is currently working 2-2:30 am but starting near the end of Feb. he is going to be working from 11 am-11:30 pm. Much better work times and no more working 6 days in a rows, but 4 on, 2 off, 2 on, 6 off and the pattern repeats! Yes, a pattern. We are both thrilled.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Luca riding the Duck

Luca Riding the Duck:
Luca loves to ride on this duck at the nursery at church! It is fun to see him ride it all by himself.
We are so lucky, there is a gal at church who is an OT and starting to work with Luca every other week during the 4 pm service today... so I get to go to church and Luca gets therepy! How awesome is that! Thank you, Katie Horn (the OT)

New videos

New Videos...I am excited that I got a two new videos posted tonight. Luca is talking and moving around so much so I wanted you all to see him in action. I was filming alone so I couldn't show you how he is walking (with help) but that is what we do a lot of the day. Luca is always saying, "I want walking" (and sometimes says the location like walking to room, or kitchen, or daddy and also who he wants helping him walk) He is going to be so happy when he can walk on his own and so are we!!! Luca is also talking up a storm. He can repeat any word you ask him to and he comes up with words and sentences on his own. It is fantastic and I am very grateful that he is able to communicate so well. He also has a great sense of humor already.

Luca on the move

Luca and I reading a book together

Friday, January 21, 2011

Scarlett turns 1

Scarlett's First Birthday-
Luca had a lot of fun at Scarlett's party. He and Layna found Scarlett's christmas present- the wonderful monkey and had fun playing with it. I think they might even have shared it for a moment:) Scarlett ate her cake in her own wonderful way, she ate the entire large cupcake, steadily in about 10 mins. She seems to feel no need to rush or smash it all over her face. I can't believe she is one!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

First trip to the ER

Title: First trip to the ER
We got to have a family night down at Children's ER yesterday (Saturday) evening. John is such a good nurse and dad and noticed a small yet real skin infection on Luca's leg on Friday (it looked a like a small hard pimple). John said, "I am going to take Luca in to get antibiotics for this so that it doesn't not turn into an abbess and need to be drained etc and go to the ER this weekend." He sees quite a few of these where he works) anyway, the Dr. said "no, it is just an in-grown hair and will go away on its own. Well by last evening (after Scarlett's big one year birthday party) the bump on this thigh had doubled in size and Luca had a fever of 101. 2. I called a friend that works in the ER at Children's and she told me there wasn't a long wait and let them know Luca was coming in. We had a great dr. who did an ultrasound on the bump and said that the bump had not become organized or collected fluid that needed to be drained but Luca did need to go on antibiotics right away to help the infection to go away. The whole thing took just under an hour (which is amazing) and it was truly to most positive ER experience we could have had. (It actually too less time and hassle than the dr. appointment on Friday that amounted to nothing). Anyway, we were home by 8 pm and Luca went right to bed and slept till 8:30 am this morning. I feel grateful once again for friends, children's hospital, and financial assistance at Children's. (even the antibiotics at their pharmacy is paid for. Truly amazing and God's provision for us and Luca)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


We went sledding a few weeks ago about 45 East of Seattle with Jess, Kimi, Layna, Monica, and Lily, and my parents. It was pretty cold and windy but really pretty. I think it is something Luca will grow into (hopefully). You can see from the picture he wasn't very happy most of the time. The adults had a great time, just like old times, I love sledding!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weather stripping the front door and Great Goodwill find

Luca and Popeye were weathering the front door last night. Luca had a great time helping!

I am so excited. I found a super warm winter coat for Luca on Monday for $2 at Goodwill. I love that place!!! Here is a picture of Luca wearing it yesterday right before we went on a little walk in the snow.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year

I definitely feel like it is a new year....and I am excited about 2011. As I think back to the start of 2010 I want to highlight a few things that happened last year which will in turn make 2011 a potentially good year:

The house project began and got (pretty much) completed....2011 We get to enjoy living in our house

Luca had around 16 sets of casts and foot surgery................Luca will hopefully learn to walk

Luca is learning to talk...........................................................Luca can communicate with us

On-going PT, OT visits with Boyer therapists.......................Luca continues to become more indep.

Strengthened friendships, getting to know neighbors..............Stronger community

New ER job for John................................................................. Greater work satisfaction

Priority on marriage..................................................................Stronger relationship

Desire to run more (Katie).......................................................Motivation to train for 1/2 marathon

I don't want to be overly optimistic the 2011 is going to be the "perfect" year because life is just not perfect, the challenges, grief and joys come all mixed together but I can see some great areas of progress in our lives and am grateful for the areas of growth this past year.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We went to the zoo the other day. It was clear and COLD and unlike the MN Zoo it is not indoors except for one small part where we saw the sleeping crocodile. Which was Luca favorite part. Chris took off for MI yesterday. We miss him already!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Years Ago...

Exactly two years ago we had our first ultrasound of Luca. We emailed many of you this:

Today we had our baby boy's first ultrasound. What we thought would be
one of the greatest days of our lives had turned out to be very
difficult. The
ultrasound showed a low level of amniotic fluid and
abnormalities with the baby's extremities. Please pray with us for
emotional strength and difficult decisions we will face. It
maybe some type of chromosomal abnormality. We don't know too many
other details. Love, john and Katie
I wanted to thank you for your many encouraging emails you sent us that day.

Dear Katie and John,
We sincerely ache with you. Mom and I just prayed for you, for the baby, and for ourselves.
We'd like to talk with you, whenever you feel you can talk.
Our sincere love and continued prayers.
Dad and Mom

Hi guys,
Thanks for including us on this email. We've shed some tears for you
and are keeping you and your little baby in our prayers...I am sure
you guys have quite a mix of emotions...we pray for God's provision in
a thousand ways today.

Call us whenever you want.

Jamie and Andy

We love you. We're praying,

Oh Katie and John,
Our hearts are heavy as we read this news. Eric and I prayed for all three of you - we love you so deeply and ask God to protect this special baby boy that He has created for you to take care of. All I would want today is to be with you, hug you, pray with you, cry with you and encourage you.
I pray that the Lord would take captive your anxious and worried thoughts.
I will try to call you later just to talk, not to ask questions, but if you don't feel like talking, I totally understand.
I love you dear sister more than myself. And I love this baby with my whole heart.
Our love and prayers,
Betsy and Eric

Katie and John,

Meagan and I are so sorry to hear this news. We are praying for you, and wish we lived close by so we could give you a hug and help with the move, especially in light of this new information...We will be praying for a miracle.
Love you,
Josh and Meg

Dearest John & Katie~
This is very hard news. I am crying with you and will be praying for you and your baby. Katie I just left you a message too but if you want I'd love to come over and give you a hug before I leave for anacortes (I'm picking Nora up at 4 at my house). At any rate, know that you are all definitely surrounded by prayers and I'm hoping for an amazing dose of strength for you as you move this weekend and adjust to this development. We [all who love you] will get through this hard time together.

Oh Katie and John,
Please know that we are praying for much grace, wisdom and strength for you both.
in Jesus,
Love, Janet

Hi John and Katie,
Thanks for writing and letting us know about the ultrasound. I'm sure it's a lot to process. We will be praying for you and for your baby boy. (I would have been more surprised if you wrote that it was a girl). We will pray for wisdom and God's grace. We love you and already love the little boy He is growing in Katie.
Heather and Moises

THANKS 2 Tons for calling....we love you dearly and you now that we will pray and pray and pray for your little guy and for you Katie and John...The Lord will not give us more than we can handle...but the load can get heavy. We will be on our knees as we lift you all up to our Lord.
XXOO times 3,

Hi Katie and John - my heart is breaking for you. Uncertainty is a terrible place to be. We are praying for all three of you. If you need to talk or need help or just want company at any time LET ME KNOW!
Tavia (and Caleb and Magdalene)

Hi John and Katie,

I just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and praying for you. We can't imagine how difficult this time is for you. Briant and I spent a while praying for the 3 of you yesterday. I would have called but didn't think you would want to talk to anyone yet. We love you!


Hi Katie,

I love you, first of all! Second of all, I am praying for you and John. You must be worried and uncertain, but know that God doesn't make mistakes and your boy is perfect in His eyes! I hope this doesn't sound like I am minimizing anything. I would be just as nervous and concerned as you. I pray that He will give you courage, strength, and a peace that surpasses all understanding. I wish that I could be there to hug you and talk. Do you have skype? We could talk tonight or tomorrow night if you want!

Love you very much!