Saturday, August 21, 2010

Luca's water bottle

Luca has a new water bottle that he can drink out all by himself a lot of the time. He like saying wa-wa a day long. Highlights from today: Luca started imitating our sneezes, toots, and coughs. Pretty funny. He also said Jess, and Arnold (our next door neighbor who has helped us with the house remodel). Luca gets so excited whenever he stops by or if Luca sees him outside.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A poem I get

I read this poem that another mom who has a child with AMC wrote about her child and my eyes filled with tears. This is a poem I can connect with. She put into words what has often been in my thoughts and my heart. Her blog is also fantastic and encouraging as her son, Louie, is now 5 and is doing so well.

For Granted
By r. morales

Until the day you were born, many things I took for granted.

I assumed you would be able to wrap your arms around me for affection.
I assumed you would grab my finger with your tiny hands for strength.
I assumed you would bring your hands to your mouth for comfort.
I assumed you would touch me while I nursed you.
I assumed you would bring your hands to my face just to remind me you love me.
I assumed you’d lift your arms up when you wanted your mommy.
I assumed you would crawl around the house.
I assumed you would torment your big sisters by reaching up to yank on their hair.

Until the day you were born so many things for granted I did take.

When others stood so easily; You had to undergo surgery just to correct your tiny feet.
When others were learning to crawl; You had to learn to roll around the house without the use of your arms.
When others were standing on their own; You had to undergo constant therapy just to get your legs more functional.
When others were learning to grasp things with their hands; You had to figure out how do the same using only your feet and mouth.
When others were learning to walk; You had to undergo your second surgery just be able to bend one elbow.

But from the day of your birth, each seemingly effortless movement for granted I no longer took and as my heart breaks and heals over again I am blessed to see a miracle in you each day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Luca talking

Luca with his teddy bear

Luca loves to cuddle with his stuff animals. I thought he looked adorable on the couch after a nap with his teddy bear.


One more

They are really moving fast in this one. The sidewalk is at a slight uphill so it is pretty safe. The walker does not have brakes as some may be wondering. I just have to keep a close eye on him and slow him down if he is going too fast or slightly downhill.

Too cute

Yesterday evening I took care of Layna which was a pleasure as Luca was also looking for a playmate. They both wanted to go outside (after we came in from being in the kiddie pool) and I said to Luca do you want to walk? Layna said YA! so we got outside with the walker and Layna said push push. She wanted to do the pushing and Luca loved it! It is just too cute to see them "helping" each other. And to see how their lives are more full because of one another. Friendship is such a special gift!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

children's museum

Layna put all the balls in the hole with Luca so he could take them out. What a great friend!
Luca throwing the balls out of the hole with his feet. I like this action shot.Kimi, Layna, Luca and I ventured to the Children's Museum this last rainy Saturday. It was a great time and a super place to do therapy with Luca if one has the energy to do so! Luca loved the slides and driving the steering wheel on the bus! He did not want to get off the bus driver's seat.
P.S. It is hard to get toddlers to look at the camera, they are too busy doing other things. I did try:)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Big gift

It is not every day that someone gives you a gift worth $3,000.00
Luca got one today. A walker/stander from his 6 year old friend Sara Pelton at church and her family. Claire and Dave Pelton were so thoughtful to think of Luca using the walker/stander that Sara has outgrown. Luca has already walked down the block in it and we are thrilled to get to use it until he outgrows it and it gets to be passed on to another little one that can use it. P.S. He was scared of it at first but warmed up to trying it very quickly.

Get ready to be impressed!

Luca fed himself for the first time yesterday! It is with great excitement that we share this moment with you. We couldn't be more thrilled. Luca loves this new level of independence and accomplishment! You can see from the video that he is very proud of what he can do and should be!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

turning on the fan

coolest thing ever!

Luca got a hands free bottle today, or should say I got a hands free bottle today. It is the coolest invention and I CANNOT believe that Luca is 15 months old when I discovered it. I should have gotten one of these a long time ago. The end in Luca's mouth looks like a regular bottle nipple top. I am glad to have it now! thanks for telling me about it Alicia, better late than never!

Update on Luca's development

It has been a while since I wrote an update about Luca so here goes:

He is going to have surgery again on his feet this fall (most likely in Oct. or Nov.) in which Dr. Mosca will cut more tendons but not the joints.
Luca is standing while leaning against the couch or something else
Luca is taking steps when being supported by the hands or under the armpits
Luca is reaching towards items and plays independently
Luca can turn on the fan in his room by himself (I will have to post a video or picture) The button is located about where his head is and it is pretty awesome to watch him work his way up to the button
He loves electronics and turning things on and pressing buttons
He uses his arms and hands a lot but still is lacking significant muscles in them and cannot lift them on his own
His legs are very strong and his AFO's are like little weapons without him realizing it.
He loves the park and the swings as well as anything to do with water. He scoots over to the tub and begs for a bath
He can sit up by himself in the crib
He says bye-bye, woof-woof, uh-oo, shoe, mama, dada, duck, ball, no, ya, and all done
He loves being outdoors and digging in the dirt.
Well, I am sure there is more I could write but when you see your child on a daily basis it is hard to remember what he could or couldn't do before.

What we are working towards:
walking, standing alone, feeding himself (which he currently cannot do), sitting up on the floor and moving to one nap (he is getting close to this goal:), holding on to things (improving his grasp)


Maya came over to play today looking like a doll and Luca slept through the entire visit. It was great to see Jamie and I think Maya had fun in the pool but Luca missed the whole thing. We have got to get these kids napping at the same time:)

Luca and his stuff animals

He loves his little buddies! Luca can now sit up by himself in his crib, much to his delight. SO... Instead of napping he was found sitting up cuddling his stuffed animals one afternoon.

playing in the garden

Luca "helped" us pick some lettuce in the garden. He had a blast and it was wilted anyway. Luca reminds me of Peter Rabbit in Mr. Magreder's garden.

Monday, August 2, 2010

dads having breakfast with the kids

Kimi brought breakfast over this morning and Luca and Layna enjoyed eating with their dads! What a treat!