Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lots of Luca biking

I know there are a lot of videos here of Luca biking....I guess I am pretty excited to show you all. Luca borrowed a bike from Lowell Elem. where he saw an OT and PT this summer. The PT lent us the bike for Aug. and I am so thrilled that he can ride it alone. He can pedal and steer it all on his own (on a flat surfaces). I wish we didn't have to give the bike back in a few weeks, because really, where do you find a bike like this?
It is so much fun to watch him be so proud of himself and be able to do something like bike all by himself. I couldn't be happier about it and watching him bike brings me such joy, I just had to share it with you!

luca talking on his bike

more biking

Luca biking

Luca biking

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camping pictures

Here are a few camping pictures that Jessica took. The kids had so much fun playing ball together and 'fishing in the river'. Juliette loves looking cute, being held, and grabbing hair. Glad Jess got captured too! Jonah still loves her anyways.

The grow ups had a great time after all six children were finally asleep. Juliette (John and I) were up from about 3-5 am which I finally gave in and gave her my pillow and top half of my theromo rest. She slept great after that! So glad we got to go, Jen, thanks again for organizing it! I just loved being in the great outdoors and out of the city! We need to get out into that wonderful nature more often!

Luca making music

Monday, August 20, 2012

Family Picture and Luca's new bed

A friend named, Laura, gave Luca a new bed. He also got a new room-John and I's old room (I know...he has been moving around in our house a lot this summer). He and Juliette are now sleeping in the two main floor rooms and John and I are downstairs. It is working out great. Luca doesn't have to go up and down the stairs with help and he can just yell down the laundry shoot right outside his room if he needs us and we aren't on the main floor. You can tell he loves sleeping with his stuffed animals too! He loves each one of those little friends and choose a different one to sleep with every night, or all of them as the case was tonight!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The latest

 Our 6 month old Juliette- Sitting and sticking out her tongue
 or putting her finger in her mouth
 and of course, smiling! Our happy girl!
Sorry to all of those who have been following the blog as I feel it has been spotty this summer. I am looking forward to posting more often again. Here are a few recent pictures. We went camping this last weekend and I didn't take any pictures, but our friends did so I look forward to posting those soon. We had an awesome time camping. It was so much fun to go with friends and the kids played super well together. I think one of my highlights was that Luca didn't get hurt or fall ONCE! He even told Layna and Ezra a few times to watch out for the roots, because they can make you trip.
Luca told me today when I came home from work, "I am amazing mom...did you know that?" I said, "ya, I know that, you are amazing Luca!"

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

flying a kite

Luca flying a kite

Popeye got Luca a kite and they flew it together last night. It was my parents last night here in Seattle. Little did my dad know that Luca has been dreaming of flying a kite for months! He was thrilled! We went down to Alki beach, had pizza and flew the kite. What a wonderful last evening together after many great weeks together. Luca said, "you came for a long, long, long, long, long, long day" and that is what it feels like. A day, the month passed so quickly by but was filled with fun times. We are sure going to miss them and their tireless energy and adventures with Luca and Juliette. Thanks again for coming!

Swimming lessons

Luca started swimming lessons last week. Tonight was his second class. He asked me to not put my bathing suit on this time and to sit with all the other grown-ups in the bleachers. Bravely I did just that.
Luca is loving the water. He floated on his back today without the teacher holding on to him. Luca isn't huge fan of putting his head in the water or getting splashed, but is doing ok with that part to. When the teacher asked him to put his face in the water, he said, "no thanks, I don't want to do that again." But then he did. It is so much fun to me that Luca can be in a typical class and see him do so well in the water. Today was only his second class and floating unassisted. I am such a proud parent! I would have no idea how to teach Luca how to swim and it is really fun to get to SIT AND WATCH someone else who knows how to do it. Thank you teacher Mitchell.

Here are a picture from the lesson.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cozy Nana Fun!

Cozy Nana painting with Luca and cuddling with Juliette. Juliette and Nana have spent a lot of time together this month! Having a hard time thinking about Cozy Nana and Popeye leaving on Tues!

Juliette's new favorite activity

Juliette LOVES the exersaucer! It is so cute to watch her play in it and have Luca "teach" her how to use it!


We went camping last weekend for the first time as a family of four! We went to only 40 mins. away from Seattle and Luca had a blast being outdoors, cooking a hot dog, roasting a "Smarshmellow" and sleeping in a tent! We were only gone 16 hours, but long enough to make great memories. Juliette wasn't a huge fan of sleeping in a pack in play, but did just fine. We are going camping again in a few weeks and I am excited about doing it again!