Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cozy just don't go:)

Well, my mom tried for two days to get out of Seattle on a buddy pass to no avail. She watched 8 planes leave without her and came back to sleep here in-between the days of trying to fly out. Luca was very confused about this and the first day she came back he totally ignored her and the second day he said, "why does she keep coming back? We already said good-bye and she went on an airplane." Stand by is hard concept for a two year old mind.
Yesterday, she just decided to buy a one way leaving this Monday morning so we get to spend extra time with her! We are very grateful she is here as yesterday was a long day for Luca and I at Children's hospital looking into why he is limping and complaining of pain (when pressed on) in his left foot. He never complains of pain and starting limping this last Thurs. After 4.5 hours and an ER visit, we found out that the foot has no fracture maybe just swelling from regression on of the club foot in that particular foot. We will hopefully be able to get in to see Dr. Mosca early this coming week. Anyway, so glad that Juliette was not with us and that she could spent the time home with my mom.
Also, Cozy Nana and Luca celebrated his birthday a little early, and Luca LOVED the presents wrapped with bows! We will miss her when she finally has to go and it has been a great five weeks!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Basement Project

John is working hard on the basement project and has completed a bedroom and is working on the bathroom. I wanted to show you a few pictures of his progress. He got the tiles down in the bathroom and the toilet, sink and shower are going in soon! Way to go John!

Shark Attack

Luca is super into sharks right now and likes to pretend to scary you but then reminds you, "they are not really scaring, they are nice sharks." Juliette is a little scared:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big brother

Luca got to feed Juliette her bottle today for the first time. He was very excited and it was very sweet to see him take interest in doing this. He also said today that she is getting bigger and happier:) I think he enjoys her smiles as much as John and I do.

Cozy Nana leaves tomorrow and then John and I get to find out what juggling two kids is really all about. We are so grateful to have had 6 weeks of such wonderful help!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Luca at 6 weeks old

Here is a picture of Luca at 6 weeks old so you can see how he and Juliette look alike and different too.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

6 week old Juliette

Juliette started smiling this week. It is so much fun to see her big smile but hard to capture on "film" just yet. Her checks continue to grow daily!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spelling Change

Juliet's birth certificate arrived the other day and stated my name was Katherine JAY Adams (maiden name) instead of Katherine JOY Adams. So we had to correct that and while we were changing things I got to thinking about how I was still unsettled about the spelling of Juliet. We decided to spell her name that way because it is shorter and I hoped would get misspelled less than Juliette but the truth is I really prefer Juliette. SO I asked John what he thought about changing the spelling and he said he didn't care either way about the spelling and just really loves her name. I know it is very unconventional to change a name or spelling of a name at six weeks old but that is what I have done, sorry for the confusion. I re-introduce to you, Juliette Elizabeth Walker
(I got my new camera today so updated pictures of Juliette will be coming soon...)

Sunshine and Pizza



The last two days in Seattle have been sunny and it is SO nice after about six weeks of rain. Luca and Nana when to the aquarium yesterday and then Mari came over and we made pizzas. Lots of fun for everyone! Mom and I also fit in tea with sleeping Juliette!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cozy Nana and Luca

Luca and Cozy playing with the puppet shark on the cozy rug. Luca and I are going to an indoor sandbox this morning so he wanted to wear a sandbox shirt- a shirt with camels is perfect from Annalise.

Katie and Juliette

Juliette will be 6 weeks old tomorrow! She is such a doll and fell fast asleep after a quick bath this morning. What a perfect combination- a clean and sleeping baby. She is also growing fast, I weighed her on our home scale and she is up to 10.5 pounds.

Friday, March 16, 2012

"Woes" of being a second child

 Juliet's "bedroom"
A few things I have noticed about raising a second child so far:

-She sleeps in a travel bed on the dining room table instead of in her own room at night
(eventually she will have her own room but it is too far walk to in the middle of the night)
-I have used ear plugs at night several times (when someone else is scheduled to feed her a bottle) and not used a baby monitor once
-She gets lots of toys laid next to or on top of her by other children
-I hold her more, stare at her sweet little face, and cherish these fleeting moments of being small because I KNOW they are not going to last long
-I delight in dressing her without her having an option about what she is wearing.

Juliette seems to know how to get lots of attention already and does not like be set down in the day. She will wake up within 2 mins. of being set down and start to fuss, but if you pick her up she will fall fast asleep in your arms again. Luckily this does not apply at night.

A few more pictures from Betsy's visit

 Luca wanted his hair to stick up like Sophia's. Pretty cute!
 Cuddling with Aunt Betsy
 Crazy how much they grow in just one year! (the girl cousins are just one year apart)

My camera is offically broken. I am very happy I bought the replacement plan and I should be getting a gift card from Target to get a new $200 camera in the next week. But in the meantime I will post all the great pictures I haven't posted yet from last week.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Betsy and Sophia's visit

Betsy and Sophia came this week to help us. Betsy is just a jem and somehow took care of her daughter and my kids as well! Sophia didn't want to miss out on any fun and didn't sleep too well but she was loads of fun and Luca bonded with her more than on past visits! It is so much fun to see her growing up and she has changed so much since we saw her at Christmas time in Germany! We are sad to see them go but look forward to both Betsy and Sophia getting some much needed rest when they get home! Thanks again for coming to rainy Seattle! We love you!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

4 week old Juliette

It is hard to believe that Juliette is four weeks old today! Her checks are certainly filling out and she is getting bigger! I am looking forward to when she sleeps longer stretches at night but love how little she is right now! My mom and sister, Betsy are here right now to help. Luca is loving all the attention and enjoying his cousin Sophia. He and Sophia got to try out the double stroller today and he got to ride in back which he has been asking to do since we got the stroller!