Monday, October 31, 2011


Trick or Treat

Luca, John and I had fun trick or treating on our street tonight. Luca was very good at saying "trick or treat" but then he wanted to go into everyone's house for a little visit:) He also like pulling candy out of the bowls and often took lots of pieces or at least asked to. He got to eat a few m&m's when we got home and that was a big treat! He also like handing out the candy to kids when we got home. He wanted to know all of their names, what a social holiday.
I can hear John putting Luca to bed and he is hyper! It is 8:55 pm....maybe he will sleep in tomorrow morning.

Luca's new cast

John took Luca to Children's today to get a new cast, which was no big deal again today. The tech gave him ear muffs to wear while they took his old cast off to drown out the noise and then his first lollipop. Luca wanted to have a blue cast this time. I think he is making his way through all of the cast colors. He did not shed a tear. When they got home John and I had some lunch and Luca was playing quietly in his room. He asked us to come in after a while to see his toys all lined up! They were waiting in line to see the talking animals in the barn. He has such a great imagination and really likes things lined up straight!

John also put carpet down in his room this week. It is so nice to have and I wish we would have done it sooner, but very glad we have done it now. Luca can walk around in his room without tripping on the rugs or sliding on the hard wood floor in his boots and/or casts. He loves it too!

The House


John has done a ton of work on our house inside and out, and here is an update on what the outside of the house looks like now. The gable above the front door is not quite done (John will paint it green and has a few things to do on it) and John is going to paint the new garage door to match the trim but you get the idea. He painted the vinyl green this summer and put in a new window in our bedroom.
I have to admit that I get pretty grouchy when John is working on the house because I want him to spend time with Luca and me, but I am sure happy when the project is done and it always looks so good! He is a very talented man and I am grateful for how he has made our house look so nice!
PS The tree in the front of the house died last winter so John had to cut it down. We left the bottom that was still alive in hopes that it will grow back.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New cast tomorrow

John is taking Luca to get a new cast tomorrow. Hope it goes as well as the first one. Luca says he wants a green one this time. I am curious if he will still think that tomorrow. I have a big Harvest Party event tomorrow night at church so I will be up at church all day preparing. Should be a lot of fun for all!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Casting Present!

Casting Present

John and I saw a great gift for Luca at Cosco the other day. We thought it was be nice for him to get a casting present and something he can play with easily for the next 4 or more weeks of casting. He is a picture of him playing with it and you can see his cast too. It is kind of like Christmas around the Walker household today:)  It is like he is saying in the last picture..."WOOO, can you believe this amazing choo-choo table."

Casting Day

We went to Children's this morning for Luca first series of casts. We have never been to a smoother appointment. Luca did not cry. He got to see the colors that they had of casts and was quite sure that he wanted PINK. His favorite color right now. So he has one pink lower leg cast on his left foot. Dr. Mosca believes that he can gain the right position using the lower leg casts, John and I are still wondering but it would be great if it is possible. Luca can kneel and he will be able to walk on it in a few hours when the cast hardens. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you posted as the casting continues. Next appointments....Friday, next Monday, Friday, Wed, etc. 

Pictures of Luca

We were so grateful again this year to have Heather Dickerson, an amazing photographer take pictures of Luca and I. Here is her blog for more info. on her!  Sadly, John had to work on Sunday  so he was not able to be in the photos but we wanted them taken before Luca's next casting series. They are such great pictures! Heather is very talented and makes us look good:) You wouldn't even know from the pictures that Luca did a face plant 1/2 through taking them and he had been through two services of Sunday School. Such a guy!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin decorating and costume

This morning PCC grocery store had a free pumpkin decorating event at their store. Luca got a pumpkin and had a blast coloring it and putting stickers and feathers on it. Here it is! Now he wants to eat it....not so sure about that. (you can also see his Halloween socks from Auntie Cindy that he loves! His boots got wet from splashing in puddles this morning so he gets a little break with his special socks!)
I mimic what my sister, Betsy wrote recently on her blog:

"so anyone who knows me should already be aware of the following about me:

-didn't celebrate Halloween growing up
-dislike the holiday in general
-extreme dislike for anything scary

that all being said, there is nothing cuter than an excuse to dress my girl up like a flower" or my son up like a magician!

Introducing.....Luca the magician! I was trying to come up with something that would be easy to get on with casts and this should work perfectly. I am not sure he will be up for any of the festivities because of the casting but at least we have something fun for him to wear if he is. Can't think of what he would love more than getting candy from people. The outfit is fleece so it is very cozy, which to him may be the most important component of all.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Luca loves choo-choo trains and especially Choo-Choo Thomas. Luca recently got his very own Thomas, from our favorite second hand store, and slept with him last night. I don't know what it is about that blue engine but he is a favorite of Luca's and certainly many other little boys! Grandma Martha also lent us her doll house which Luca loves to play with. We are getting geared up for another series of casting on the left foot beginning this coming Monday. We think he will have a walking cast, but not sure what Luca's mobility will be like exactly. I hope Luca tolerates them and that the time passes quickly. He will get casted about every four days for about 4 weeks and longer if necessary to get left foot in a better position. His right foot still looks fantastic, but the left foot has regressed quite a bit since his last surgery and casting almost a year ago. Luca is currently at Children's Hospital with John getting new night time hand splints. A long day, I am sure. Luca and I got to go to the park and the library story/dance time this morning with Scarlett to try to even out the day a little bit. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

pony ride

Free pony rides in West Seattle

I found out about free pony rides today in West Seattle about a mile from our house. Crazy combination so after Luca's nap, I asked him, "do you want to ride a pony?" and he said, "YES!" I have never seen him get to the door faster after a nap (he wakes up slowly). Once we got to the pony rides, John waited in the long line while Luca and I sat right in front of the 5 ponys and he ate his snack/lunch. He did not mind sitting there waiting for 30 mins for his turn. He loved watching the horses and the kids. What I didn't realize was he was becoming attached the white pony so when it came his turn the white pony was the only pony he wanted to ride. He gave in after some talking and rode on the biggest one. They had seat beats on the saddles and he did great. After one ride we went back in the much shorter line and waited again so we could ride the white pony. When it was Luca's turn the white pony was already done for the day and eating grass. Oh well...he still got two more rides on a different pony. It was a great time!


Baby belly! Luca' sister is getting bigger and when I am wearing a non-maternity shirt you can really see her emerging. Not the best picture but for all of you out there who are looking for a baby bump it will do, I think:)

Friday, October 7, 2011

reading books

Luca is becoming more cuddly lately and it is really fun to snuggle up with him and a book. One of my favorite things to do!

Grandma Martha

We have a very wonderful woman in our lives named Grandma Martha. She goes to Westside Pres. and comes over and spends time with Luca every Thurs. afternoon. She is such a blessing and dearly loved by all! Luca has so much fun with Grandma Martha and you can see how excited he gets when she is at our house. They made a flag with the napkin from Popeye and Cozy and Luca is wearing the super cute vest from Aunt Betsy! So many gifts!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Potty Training

We are attempting potty training. Luca understands the idea and loves the m&m that he receives after he has gone potty but we are not quite there yet as he has worn diapers the last two days....He is a picture of Luca wearing his Choo-Choo Thomas undies, which he loves! And his new Nemo shirt from Goodwill which says, "Give me fin dude." Luca likes to repeat it and give you a high-five!