Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter Celebration

We had dinner at Jamie's for Easter, it was the fourth year in a row, so I would call it a tradition now of getting together with several families for a Easter Potluck. My parents and Jess's parents were there this year, which was very fun. We played catch phrase, which was hilarious and Luca was the after dinner entertainment. He said this morning that all the clapping for him was very, very awesome! He is a kick!

Friday, April 22, 2011

MVI 1540

Feet Update

Feet Update. Luca and I spent 3 hours this morning at Children's Hospital. I feel like we should add it to the list of options to do with Luca: park, zoo, aquarium, children's hospital:) Thankfully they do have a lot of fun live fish, pictures on the wall, entertainment (there was a guitar band playing while we ate some lunch) and lots of friends that we have made (with the staff) over these last 2 years. Luca walked around like he owns the place; which is also pretty funny.
Dr. Mosca said that Luca's right foot looks great and his left foot if fine for now. It is not perfect or as good as the right foot but Mosca does not want to create more scar tissue right now and as long as we can keep the foot in a 90 degrees position, in the AFO, he is not too concerned right now. SO most likely no casts for the summer or in the near future! Yay. He also approved hing AFO's so Luca will be able to bend his foot more during the day and then he will wear his current AFO's at night. He will get fitted for those next Friday.
Luca remembered Dr. Mosca but had no problem with him. He gave him low fives and talked to him. He said he wanted to see him again while we were on the way out.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Water Can and bday present

John got a new water can and Luca loves to walk it around the garden "watering" the flowers. There is no water in the can but he makes the right sounds when the can is tipped over and he helps water the flowers. It is so cute!
He also got a big happy blue car (as he likes to call it) from Josh and Meg, Molly, Annie and Owen for his birthday. Arnold helped us blow it up and he loves playing in it!
Thanks for all the wonderful birthday cards and gifts he has received! He has a lot of thank you notes to color! Thank you everyone for making him and us feel so loved!!!!


Cousins and brother and sister out in the sun!

Harmony, Briant and Nathan

Harmony, Briant and Nathan came to visit this week. We had so much fun! Luca loved having his cousin and aunt and uncle as much as the rest of us. I think he would love it if they just wanted to move it:) We went to the park, Pike place, the zoo, a ferry ride, took a bath, and the choo-choo house. Here are a few pictures of our time together.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Luca's birthday continued

The Zoo Continued.....

Birthday at the ZOO

Luca's Birthday Party at the Zoo!

Luca celebrated his birthday at the Zoo with lots of his friends today! We had delicious cupcakes, lots of smiles, hugs and presents. The animals we got to see were the penguins, peacock showing his feathers, gorillas, cows, and goats. Quite the mix. It was even a little sunny outside which was a special treat. What a great way to celebrate Luca's second year of life!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day with the Whites!

Super fun time with the White's:
Luca spent much of Wednesday with Nancy, Shelby, Lewis and Makenzie. The family that I began caring for their children 10 years ago when Makenzie was a little younger than Luca. It has been such a joy to get to see Makenzie and Lewis grow up and now also be a part of Luca's life! They even threw him a little birthday party with cupcakes and popcorn at the end of the evening! He loves spending time with all of them! It is great to live in nearby in West Seattle. Here are a few pictures from their fun day together!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday soon!

Happy Birthday SOON

It is that time of year again, Birthday Time for Luca on Friday. It is an emotional time for me and somehow it hit me by surprise this year yet again. I am so grateful for his life and thinking back to just two years ago today not knowing how things were going to turn out in so many ways I am just in awe of who he is today. A walking, talking, laughing, playful, determined, social, funny and intelligent little boy! These last two years have been the most challenging, humorous, agonizing, tiring, stressful, powerful, joyful, and deepest of my life. I can't believe how much Luca has taught me and what a different person I am today because of his life. How I love you my dear son, Luca! You are a blessing and a treasure to us all!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Video 17

All the videos

You may wonder why all the videos tonight...well, John is working, he is currently in day 3 of 4 and works from 11 am-11:30 pm so I am home, Luca is asleep and the internet is cooperating tonight.
Luca and I had a great day. We went to Pike Place Market, downtown Seattle, on a big bus! It felt like it was the first time he had been downtown because he is finally old enough to kind of experience it. We had a lot of fun and he loved riding the bus 30 mins. each way. Sometimes when we stopped at a stop light he would say, "keep going bus."
This evening we were talking about our day the way we usually do and he said, "Luca ride on a big bus" I asked, "where did we go on the big bus?" (just curious to what he would say). He thought for a minute and said, "Seattle" Wow, I said "your right we did go downtown Seattle." He is something else!

Here is a little explanation on the videos:
1. Luca took his hammer puzzle piece and went over to the wall John just finished and starting hammering on it. So cute! He starts getting in his funny voice at the end. He cracks both of us up all day, I think he even cracks himself up.

2. Luca during OT with his therapist the amazing Caroline! She is very talented and we are so glad she is working with Luca. She brought this spoon for Luca to practice eating with it. He seems to be more into putting his fingers in the yogurt during the video than using the spoon. Oh well at least you can get the idea.

3. Luca walking around outside. Amazingly he grows more stable everyday! He wanted to go sit on the fleece blankets at the end of the video and be cozy. This is one of his favorite things to do.

4. Layna and Luca's first duet caught on video. Layna came over for a stroller ride/walk today, which was nice even though the weather wasn't! We are all dying of cloudiness here in Seattle. Jess is ready to add another playmate to the team soon! Baby boy Tysuchia is already well loved and talking about by Luca! Can't wait to meet him!

Luca eatting in OT

Luca walking!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amazing Person

Hi, there is an amazing person I would like you to meet. Her name is Sarah Kovac. She is 27, has AMC, in her upper extremities only, has a 1 one year old son, drives with her feet, lives independently and cares for her son as a stay at home mom. The list goes on an on, and her story is one of courage, strength, determination, and heart break and joy. She has some awesome videos of her doing everything with her legs and feet. I know Luca has to wear AFO's and does not have the mobility she does in his feet, but it is pretty amazing to think about how he is going to find a way to do everything in his own way. Thanks Sarah, for your inspiration to us!