Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday

Dear Great-Grandma Bev,
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you and eat some cake and make you laugh! I love you and miss you!!!
Love, Luca (and my parents too!)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Proud of myself

I am going to bed tonight feeling more ready for the 1/2 marathon in June 3rd. Mari and I ran 10 miles this afternoon together. It was just like what I was dreaming about before I started training for this 1/2. Being able to just keep running. (And for a while there in March I thought it would never happen.) We ran about 10 min. pace for for an hour and 40 mins. I was grateful that my parents could care for Luca this morning while I worked and during the run. Luca would not have sat that long in the jogger and I sure am glad I didn't have to push him:) I am grateful for this chance to run a long distance again after a long three years.
My last 1/2 marathon was April 13th, 2008. (almost exactly one year before Luca was born.)
This upcoming 1/2 on June 3rd sounds really cool. It is a trail run outside of Portland around a lake. Mari and I leave here on Friday and the run is Sat. morning. I am excited and so glad Mari is running and training with me. Friendship is a gift!

Friday, May 20, 2011

MVI 1553

Sunny Days

We have FINALLY had a few sunny days in a row. Wow, has it been a gray winter/spring. We are all so ready for summer. Luca and John were outside planting again yesterday. First day of shorts for Luca. He was lifting up the bottom of the shorts and show us and the neighbors that "Luca has legs". We are very glad he has legs and that he is just so funny! He also has on his new daytime AFO's with hinges in them. He is able to bend over better them and has a bit more mobility as we had hoped for! Luca also picked a tweedy-bird pattern for them.


Luca likes to do chores and yesterday he wanted to vacuum. It was amazing. He can do it all by himself and he loves it. You kind of have to see it to believe it, I think, so here you go. He even wanted to hold the cords in one hand and push the vacuum in the other hand just like mama does. And yes, the vacuum was on during this pictures!

Luca's first day of School

Luca's First Day of School

Luca officially started school this last week at Boyer Children's Clinic! There are 6 kids in his class and he is loving it. The classroom is at the same center where he recieves his PT and OT, and now those services happen during the classroom time. He also get to participate in music, free play, gym time, and art. He loves the art, songs and playing with all the fun toys. It is great because the equipment is adaptive meaning it is just perfect for him and everyone there is wonderful! We are very grateful for this special place just wish it was in West Seattle and not 30-45 mins. away. Tuesday morning was his first day of school and by Tues afternoon he was asking to go back to school. John takes him on Tues and I take him on Thurs. (An adult is required to stay with him for the whole two hours). Luca can go to this classroom until he turns three.

Luca and Sara

Luca and Sara

We got to spend the day with our friend, Sara, last Sat. Luca and Sara both enjoy reading stories and going outside! It was a lot of fun!

New Hat

The Winslows, John's sister, Heidi's family sent Luca this cute hat! Thanks! Did I say yet that it is hard to take pictures of a toddler? Luca looks so grown up in this hat it is scary- teenage years are right ahead of me, aren't they.

Maya and Luca

Maya came over to play. She found a box to crawl into and Luca had a blast playing with her!


Luca LOVES to read! Here he is in the car before we started going. He has a hard time keeping his book in his lap when we are moving but I just thought he looked so cute!


Luca loves to dig! He is loving the spring time. You can see the beautiful flowers and yard that John has planted in the front of our house. I have lots to post!

Monday, May 16, 2011

New AFOs

Luca got new hinge AFO's this morning. He came home and took a nap so I haven't really gotten to see him walking in them yet. They should help him to bend over better and get up and down stairs. He will also be able to use his calf and foot muscles a little bit more.
I also have a ton of pictures that I want to post but my computer got reprogrammed lately and will not read memory cards. Hopefully, I will get that resolved soon.