Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kitchen remodel

I don't know if you all know that while life is going on, John is also remodeling the house:) He has painted all the front rooms and now he is working on the family room and kitchen. Yesterday he and a contractor friend, Dave took out the wall between the kitchen and family room and put a beam to hold the house up. John and our wonderful neighbor Arnold also rewired the family room. It is exciting to watch the change in process. The pictures are in order of after to before.

Monday, February 22, 2010

New casts......and before & after pictures

Luca's feet at birth and before any casts
Now after surgery and 20+ castings and AFO's

We went to an appointment with Dr. Mosca on Wed. of this last week. He was pleased at how Luca's feet had thinned out and said he is ready for a new series of casts to try to further correct his feet. The casting will be begin on March 15th. He said we will know within a few weeks if the casting is working, if not the next step is surgery.
I am glad we have some time to prepare but it is something I am dreading. It has been so nice to have break from the casting and weekly visits to Children's. Please pray that Luca's feet would respond to the casting and that he somehow adapts to being restricted again in the long leg casts. I am glad it is now and not once he has learned how to walk. Dr. Mosca reminded us again of how pleased and surprised at how great his feet look right now, but we still have a ways to go till they are fully corrected. I put some before and after pictures so you can marvel at the progress we have made so far:)


I love having a sister and so glad that it is Betsy. She and I had a great time together. Thanks again for coming Bets! It was so great to have you! We miss you already! My favorite line was what a waiter said at the Indian restaurant. He asked, "Are you twins?" we said no, and he said "but you look like the same." It was pretty cute and I like to think that we are twins just born three years apart.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Luca outside

Betsy took these pictures while we were gardening. Luca likes to play with the sticks and sit outside. He is such a boy:)

Luca's cuff and elbow splint

Luca's OT made him a cuff to keep things in his hand. It has a fish attached to it so he can move the fish, get it too his mouth, and "hold" on to it. At some point he will most likely have a universal cuff that we can put a spoon, comb, toothbrush and other things in for daily living skills to help him hold things. He also has his new elbow splint on to try to loosen his tight elbow and increase his range of motion. He wears it during his day time naps.

Betsy is here!

Betsy is here for a few days and we are having a blast. Gardening, running at Discovery Park, and going down to Pike Place Market. We also had raclette last night followed by a great sauna. So glad to have her here!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cutting teeth

I think Luca is finally trying to cut a tooth. We will see if one really appears pretty soon. Our camera is still broken but here are a few cute old photos that Jess took. Luca has his next foot appointment on Wed. Feb. 17th with Dr. Mosca. We will let you know what the dr. says is the next step for his feet.
Luca is rolling over, scooting, standing, and smiling up a storm these days. John is working on the house and I am trying to start a garden! More pictures coming soon!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Luca started Scooting!

I will put up a video soon, but I just wanted to get the word out that Luca is officially on the go! He can scoot. He has made it about 2 ft. at once now. We are thrilled and look forward to him moving more!