Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MVI 1416

Aunt Mari and Aunt Nora

Aunt Mari and Aunt Nora spent some quality time with Luca over this last weekend. They came over and hung out with Luca while I was working at church on Sunday and John was working. They read stories on the couch all cozy for an hour, I heard. What a great time! The first picture is Luca opening a flap with his mouth just for fun, he thought it was funny.

Luca outside

Luca on a walk. He loves being outside and going on walks! Makes me so happy!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Newest running partner

Luca was such an inspiring running buddy today, talking to me the whole way and encouraging me to go really fast! We had a nice sunny day to run at Discovery Park.

newest driver

Pictures of Luca from Discovery Park, he won't smile but still looks pretty cute!
Luca wants to learn to drive....a car and a motorcycle. Here he is practicing. Pretty funny!

Grandpa Jim

This video shows how Luca can get himself to a standing position when leaning against the couch. He was also asking for Grandpa Jim unprompted. It was so cute we had to get it on video:) I think he wants to go on another big airplane ride!

Rockets in my pockets

Rockets in my Pockets-Luca loves to walk around the house with rockets in his pockets. He sways from side to side and looks like he is ready to draw!
Also a sweet picture of John reading to Luca.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Here is a little update on the Walker household:
Katie just got back from a Children's Ministry conference in sunny San Diego. I love that city and want to go back so I can explore with John and Luca. It was my first time to San Diego. I didn't get to do very much sightseeing but loved seeing the beach (for a few hours), the sun, and eating some very authentic Mexican food! I also loved spending time with my co-workers Jean and Mary! Lots to bring home and apply to church from the conference. Earl said it well, "it (CM conference) is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant."
Luca had a great time at home with John the first two days I was gone (Jess and Mari gave him some breaks, thank you!) and then Brooke, the last two days. What a gift to have Brooke home from Haiti and able to care for Luca while I was gone. Luca bonded with her right away (I mean how could he not:) and had a fantastic time.
Today John got to fulfill his birthday present (a surprise trip to New Orleans to see Jeremy Jones). He is gone till Tues. and the sun is shining there with temps in the high 70's. I hope he has an awesome time and I am sure he will.
Luca and I had a good but long day. I think he was afraid that if he fell asleep for a nap I would leave again. After trying to get him to nap for 2 hours this afternoon I finally asked him why he wasn't going to sleep. He said, "no mama go to big church again" It pierced through my heart. I told him I was not going on any more trips and that we were going to be together for lots of days. Then he asked if we could take a nap together. Too bad that doesn't even work a little bit:)
Other updates:
Luca is talking up a storm, singing songs, expressing humor and all of this thoughts. It is so much fun. The other day I said I was really tired and Luca said, "mama tired, Luca handsome". He thinks everything is funny and laughs a lot. Today we were at the "choo-choo house" Barnes and Noble and he was playing so well with the trains, he would push one through a tunnel or up a hill and shout, "I did it, Choo-choo made it, choo-choo so happy, yay gaga (Luca)" the whole room was entertained by his excitement at the train table. A 6 year old girl gave him a stuff animal to play with as she left the store and told her mom. "she (me) is never going to get him to leave this store." It totally cracked me up. Luca and I did successfully leave about 5 mins. later but I am sure Luca would have stayed all day if I hadn't told him it was time to go. As we walked out the front door he said, bye choo- choo house, see you tomorrow:)
He is walking SO well with is AFO's on and even in his bare feet! He walked by himself in bare feet from his room to the back living room today many times! I was so happy. He is also falling less because he can stand for a long time balanced and he is stabilizing himself if he gets off balanced. I think all of these changes are just all the more impressive because I have been gone and can really notice them. I will post some more pictures and videos soon!
He also has given himself his first chore (which he loves) putting junk mail and papers into the recycling box. He will walk back and forth from you to the recycling box all day if you keep giving him papers. Great therapy and it tidies up the house too. He has such pride and joy in doing a job and completing a task. He is truly a treasure!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Luca and his friends

Here are a few pictures Jamie took of the kids. I love seeing the little friends together!

Monday, March 7, 2011

MVI 1365

Walking with Popeye

Luca and Popeye walking!

Luca has spend a lot of time walking or being helped to walk by Popeye. Thanks again dad! Everyone's hard work as well as Luca's has paid off!

A day at the park

Luca got to go to park with his friend Scarlett. They both like to swings and they like to imitate one another. Luca wanted to sit just like Scarlett with both arms in front of the swing:)
There is also a picture of Luca on the motorcycle! He is very into these right now and tells us all the time that he wants to ride a REAL MOTORCYCLE! I am already scared.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


The floors in our house are wrecked beyond being repaired and refinished. I have been thinking about painting them and doing something like this. Any thoughts on painting our floors?

MVI 1364

MVI 1359

Friday, March 4, 2011

A week apart

Visit to NC

After a week in NC, John, Luca and I are all glad to be together. Luca couldn't be happier to have mama home and all to himself. He is showing off all he learned this week, walking city blocks now by himself, telling stories and anything else he thinks of. His vocabulary continues to expand in a rapid way. He keeps me laughing all day long.
Here are a few pictures from my trip to NC. I loved getting to know my new sweet niece, Sophia and spending time with the wonderful Molly, Annie and Owen!