Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Double Stroller

I am so excited! We were able to get a double stroller off craigslist (Luca showing the front and there is a back attachments not shown in our picture. It is going to be fun to roll around with both kids! Thanks to all those who sent gifts and contributed towards us being able to get this for our family!

Good-bye Nanny

We had a great time with Nanny Walker and now she is off to help Harmony with baby Claire in Chicago. Thanks again for coming and for all your love and wonderful help! We love you!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Luca and Juliette

First dress

I don't know if Juliette will really like wearing dresses, but I think they are so cute and had fun dressing her in her first dress this morning. Here are a few pictures of the lovely little lady!

Nanny Walker

We are having so much fun with Nanny Walker. Luca and Nanny planted some lettuce, they went to Lincoln Park and threw rocks in the water, went on the swings, she went out for tea with her new grand daughter and myself, and has helped with all kinds of projects around the house! We are so thankful she was able to come these last two weeks and she will be missed after she leaves on Monday! John goes back to work tomorrow for the weekend....then my mom comes Tues. We are so lucky to have these wonderful mothers and grandmothers to help us with this transition!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New cousin Claire

We are so excited to have a new cousin on the Walker side! Miss Claire Elyse was born on Feb. 19th! 9 pounds 3 ounces and 21 inches long in a mere two hours- way to go Harmony! It was a lot fun being pregnant at the same time as Harmony and now we look forward to having little girls born the same month! Can't wait to introduce these little girls to each other this summer! 

Our baby girls last summer at 13 weeks or so.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beautiful Pictures

Heather Dickerson took fantastic pictures of Juliet and our family today. She is so talented and it is so fun to have these special pictures of the short newborn stage! Juliet was awake most of the photo shoot and Luca was crying for most of it (due to not enough attention) still Heather got one of him smiling...amazing! There will be more coming soon but here is a sneak peak.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Juliette's first movie

Happy Valentine's Day

Our cuties together, Luca and Juliette
Hi Juliette, I love you, or at least will someday
Nanny love
Our sweet little valentine
Family of four at home, John has been my sweetheart for 12 years now and I took him to the Valentine's day party in high school 13 years ago today, Sadie Hawkins. He even dressed up like a pirate for me that night:) We have changed, grown, had two children- and so glad to be celebrating another Valentine's Day with you- I love you!

What a special Valentine's Day it is, being home, recovering, and enjoying our new baby! She slept so well last night (only woke up to eat a few times and back to sleep) Seems too good to be true, and we couldn't be enjoying her more! What a gift of love she is to us!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day four

Today is day four of Juliette's little life. We have John's wonderful mom, Nanny Walker here to help us. She and Luca are getting to spend lots of quality time together and so is Juliet! Kimi came by with the kids to meet our little one. Luca and Layna played so well together and took off, like ok, we are the big kids now, let's go play! Juliette  has been sleeping sweetly in the swing at night. We are still working on getting her to sleep from about 11 pm-2 am. A hard time for mommy and daddy to be awake! Hopefully she will figure it out soon. She is very quiet, is sleeping and eating a lot. She had her first check up today and is back to birth weight in 4 days. Pretty good!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little sister

Juliette slept and ate quite well last I am feeling a little more human today:) Luca continues to enjoy the extra attention from Nanny Walker, and having John and I both home. He is also politely ignoring Juliette's addition to our household very well. He has not been negative to her or anyone holding her but isn't overly interested in giving her any attention either. He did enjoy giving her a pacifier last night. I think that was the most enthusiasm he has shown towards her yet, which is ok too. I look forward to seeing their love for each other grow in the months and years ahead.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

big fans

Jessica came twice (at the beginning and the end of the 19 hour delivery process to help me get through it! Thank you Jess!
Alicia and Scalett part of the Luca care team and Scarlett is in love with baby Juliette! So sweet to see her love this little baby so much!
Mari came and spent the night the hospital with Juliette and I so that daddy John could sleep at the house with Luca and enjoy so much needed rest. So fun to have you there Mari!
Jamie and Maya also part of the Luca care team (where Luca spent the night when I was in labor). Maya also loves babies and Juliette! So sweet to have these big girl friends for her already!
Sweet Maya and Jamie and Juliet!
Scarlett in love, holding baby Juliette
Baby Juliette all ready to come home in her car seat! Can you believe how tiny she looks in it? She did not make a peep the whole drive home! I hope this is telling of car rides to come???? We will see.
Looking forward to many more visitors to come. Nanny Walker is here and I need to get a picture of her with her granddaughter! She gave Luca a bath, played with him for hours and is cleaning the bathroom, all after just arriving last night from France, wow! So glad to have her here!

Big brother Luca