Wednesday, September 29, 2010

30th Party

We are so excited to have our house finished and had a party to celebrate my birthday along with the completion of the home project. Here are a few pictures to enjoy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

a few lost pictures and Dr. update

Here are some pictures Jess took at the end of Aug. when it was summer for a few days in Seattle.

Also... update from our doctor appointment yesterday, Dr. Mosca decided that he is going to cast Luca's left foot this Monday. He is going to do two casts and then see if surgery is needed right now or if correction can be made with another casting series. (And maybe surgery later). I am not looking forward to more casts, of course. We will see how Luca does with this round. I wonder if he will be able to scoot since his right foot will not be casted. We will see.

Book Worms

Luca and Layna both love books and they also like reading together! Sometimes they find each others book more interesting than their own and then they trade:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Offically 30!

So I am 30 now. I had a great day thanks for all the great family, friends, phone calls, cards, John and Mari. I had the flu on Monday but felt well enough to go to this fabulous woman's spa that is free on your birthday with Mari. Then Mari came over and watch Luca so John and I could go out. Here are some new pictures.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Luca's new words

It is so much fun to have Luca learn new words every day. My favorite at the moment is thank you. It is a word he says often and unprompted. Today after feeding him and helping him feed himself for about 30 mins. he said thank you when I got a noodle on his finger and then he got it into his mouth. It was so sweet and made me feel like I could help him do anything with that gratitude. He is just a sweetheart.
We are officially back on Pacific time and into our normal routine. It has taken a while but it is good to be back.
John started his new job in the ER and is doing his first night tonight. I hope it goes well and he can stay up till 4 am.
I will post so new pictures and hopefully Luca saying thank you tomorrow.

Monday, September 6, 2010

John's work!

This is the brick fireplace that John build. The green tiles are going to be on the ground when it is complete. The back wall is going to be ready to paint soon and then the floor can get finished. I can't wait to move into the living room! Yay! So glad John had time to work on it during his vacation!

Baby Shilling celebration

Fancy shower!
Grown up sweet sisters!
The tea party with all the girls!!!
Nana, Meg and the girls. Meagan got the cutest tutu ever for baby girl Shilling. She is a perfect Auntie already!
Lovely Bets at 20 weeks! Half way there!
Betsy and Eric find out they are having a healthy baby girl! This was Betsy's reaction to the girl news, not posed, I promise!

On to North Carolina

Sweet Sisters!
Uncle Eric and Luca bonded!
Owen is adorable and fully of smiles!

After 4 days in Chicago Luca and I took off for NC and John went back to Seattle to work on the home project. John starts in his new ER job at Swedish tomorrow so wanted to get as much done on the living room as possible before that started. Luca and I had a great time in NC. The highlights were his cousins, Molly, Annie, and Owen, Betsy and Eric's kitties which Luca adored, and seeing a healthy, active, beautiful baby girl Shilling on the ultrasound! We can't wait to meet her in Jan! We also had a shower to celebrate Betsy and her little lady!

More Chicago pictures

The cousins minus Matthew who was asleep.

Luca loves books. He says book? book? book? all day long. Thanks for reading to him Aunt Heather!

Chicago trip

John, Matthew, and Amelie!

Everyone laughing very hard all weekend!
Adorable siblings!!!

John, Luca and I had a great trip to Chicago. We saw two of John's sisters, Harmony and Heather and their families. Luca loved meeting Nathan and spending more time with Amelie and Matthew. He laughed so hard the whole weekend!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I have cleaned the the whole kitchen, taken out the trash, cleaned the fridge and yet there is still a sent of rotting food in the kitchen. Any ideas?

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010