Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Luca and Juliette

This is Thanksgiving's week, no school in Seattle Public Schools due to parent/teacher conferences and the holiday= a long week in the Walker household.
Jessica and I are going to run a fun 10 K on Thurs. and John has his big 1/2 marathon on Sunday! I got the day off of work and look forward to cheering him on!
Juliette cut two more teeth and is cruising all over the house! Luca learned how to play Chutes and Ladder's today and really enjoyed it. I think this kid is going to love board games, among many other things. Here is a few pictures of the kids just hanging out this week.

Well...just tried to upload the pictures and it turns out that I have hit my quota for free picture uploads on the blog. What??? I guess I have to buy more storage space if I want to upload more pictures? Anyone know about this?  Evan? Andy? ....to be continued....


  1. Someone else I know also just said this happened to them! Comments to her on FB mentioned there have been some errors on google's part about whether quota is truly reached. There wasn't a verdict for her yet but I hope it resolves itself and you don't have to pay for more! Love you

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