Friday, November 2, 2012


Friday, Friday....usually Friday is a day many in the working world look forward to...a upcoming weekend, something fun in the evening perhaps. I remember those Fridays and use to enjoy them. Now Fridays are not those Fridays. They are the beginning of a long few day. (every other week John works Th to Sunday.) There is no school on Friday which is a great disappointment to Luca (and to me)
So today, I thought, we will make this Friday a special, "Field Trip Friday"
Luca has been asking to go on the new Seattle Farris Wheel for months (ever since it opened in July). It was not raining today, so I thought...we would go on the Farris Wheel then meet Alicia and Scarlett at Gymnastics-open gym. Great morning. And even I was excited to go on this new Farris Wheel.
By 9:30 am Luca was ready, I was ready, Juliette was ready, (that is not an easy feat to get three people ready) smooth transitions, he has eaten breakfast, was dressed, we are walking out the door when I discover I don't have keys...any keys. I called John, who brought them to work by accident. He kindly offered to send them home in a taxi but I thought that was a little excessive and thought we would make due with no car.
I stop the key search. Broke the news that we were not going on the Farris Wheel today, to Luca, (who was sitting on the front steps determined to wait for as long as necessary for John to get home from work) Luca finally accepted the disappointment that we have to go on the Farris Wheel a different day and watched another episode of Dora while we waited for Alicia to pick us up. Thankfully, Juliette's car seat was not locked in the car. Alicia kindly picked us up and took us to gymnastics.
Then when we got loaded back in the car to come home, I was blown away by Scarlett. Alicia gave her a cheese stick. (I had snacks for Luca but not a cheese stick) and Luca asked for one. I explained I had other snacks for him, that was Scarlett's cheese stick and on and on when out of the corner of my eye I saw something yellow. And Luca said, "there is a cheese stick, she is sharing with me." Scarlett without being asked, prompted or begged had on her own accord broken the cheese stick in two and offered the larger half to Luca.
I was blown away! I said, "wow, Scarlett, that is so kind of you to share your cheese stick with Luca." She then processed to break her small remaining half again and lifted up to me, "here you go, Katie" she said. I almost start crying just thinking about her sweet voice and kind heart.
A two year old giving away their special snack is no trivial act!
I want to be a generous person. I want my children to be generous. Thank you Scarlett for tangibly teaching us this lesson on generosity today. (her parents are also great role models on generosity)
Those were the life lessons so far today, accepting disappointment and living generously.
Here is the sweet Scarlett who shared with us: (dressed in her pirate costume) She has a lesson for all those pirates out there too!


  1. I always thought that childhood was all about learning, but I really love all that I am learning from being a parent and raising children! Glad to see you enjoying it, and your family, so much; these are precious times. Happy for you!